Grain Crops

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3 class wheat of soft grades. GOST 9353-90. Moisture - max.14,5%, foreign mat. – max. 2,0%

Protein 14,3 Protein 14,0 Protein 13,5 Protein 13,0 Protein 12,5
Wet gluten 27-28 Wet gluten 26 Wet gluten 25 Wet gluten 24 Wet gluten 23


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flour of the first grade. State standard 26574-85

flour of the second grade. State standard 26574-85



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milk (3.2 % fatness)

milk (2.5 % fatness)

kefir (2.5 % fatness)

butter (72.5 % fatness)

curds (5.0 % fatness)


Food Integrated Works

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National products from horse meat

Smoked pork products



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Technical Services

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automobile and agricultural tyres repair according to the technology of German firm TIP-TOP, high quality consumable mterials and reiable vulcanization equipment.

GAZ, Kamaz engines repair shop services.

Shop services of repair, maintenace and store of accumulator batteries with all necessary gears, instruments and equipment.

repair,maintenance and running-in of GST with the capacity of 70 k per year, fuel devices for SMD, YMZ, Kamaz – over 300 items per year.

repair and running-in of PD – 10 starting engnes– 100 items per year.

RVD repair and renovation: 500 items per year.

repair and manufacturing of knives for the cutting end of combines 800 – 1000 items per year.

Shop services of repair of machine units: washing chamber, disassembly and assembly line,running-in and braking stand, painting chamber, mechanical spot, hoisting devices. In this shop repair of K-700 tractors is carried out– 100 items per year. YMZ, Kamaz engines – 30 items.

Shop services of machining and abrasion of A-01, A-41, YMZ, Kamaz engine crank shafts.

shop services of low voltage tractor equipment repair (starters, generators), and besides the major repair of 0,5 kW - 100 kW engines and welding transformers and generators repair.

tinner's services: manufacture and repair of ventilation fan housing 160 items per year and of other workpieces of economic desination.

services of gas electric welding station.

store premises with the total area of 5833 square km.

railway dead-end siding acceppting carriages for loading and unloading.

Agricultural machihes and other equipment store and preparation area.

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Agricultural products processing and storing

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"Shortandy oil tank farm" Private Company


oil products stoge and release

oil products realization fron refuelling stations

oil products transportation

Agrocenter-Avia Services

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fertilizing (free-flowing and fluid)

helping health service organizations (sanitary aviation)

search-and-rescue works

aviaprotection of woods and electricity transmission lines

taking nature protection measures

transport-connection and aerial photography flifhts.

Astana Base

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building materials realization

store premises lease

food stuff lease