March, 2004
  Dear Kazakhstan people!!! Our best and most sincere congratulations on the splendid spring and revival holiday - Nauryz!!!

March, 2004
  Grain-crops shipment for export is going on (over 120000 tons).

March, 2004
  We congratulate all women on the International the 8th March holiday, we wish our better halves much happiness, health, love and unfading beauty!

February, 2004
  Grain-crops area was increased to 406000 hectares.

February, 2004
  The technical re-equipment of elevators aimed at the grain-cleaning quality improvement during grain acceptance was started.

February, 2004
  Above 80 per cent of the agricultural machinery is prepared for sowing campaign.

February, 2004
  As a result of participation in tender for purchase of agricultural machinery a contract for the supply of 48 “Yenisey” combines was concluded.

January, 2004
  The retail shops network was extended till 50 at Akmola region inhabited localities. For the operative provision and operation of retail network a new enterprise “Agrocenter-Astanalyk” LLP was floated.

  Our most sincere and warm congratulations on the coming New Year 2004!

16 November
  Dear workers of agricultural sector of Kazakhstan! Let us congratulate you with your professional day - Agriculture Man Day! We wish you success and luck!

  The production of granular forage is started in elevators of «Agrocenter-Astana» Ltd.

  The budgets of enterprises belong to the company is continue to discussed for 2004.

  The mill of 500 tons of grain per day output was started to work after a reconstruction works completed.

  Backfilling of seeds of grain-crops id finished.

30 October
  6th Kazakh International Exhibition “AgroProdExpo-2003” was held in Astana. Seven gold awards awarded following foods produced by «Agrocenter-Astana» Ltd: milk, kefir, cottage cheese, ice-cream and national food products made from horse meat.

25 October
  Our Republic celebrates our state holiday – Republic Day. Our best congratulations for all countrymen!

12 October
  Our best wishes for specialists from Russian agricultural sector and our congratulations with Agriculture Man Day!

1 October
  Grain harvesting is finished for 373 600 hectares. Our warm regards and thanks for all enterprises engaged in harvest.

17 September
  Congratulations for “Sarbas” Ltd. with harvesting campaign finishing!

  The autumn soil treatment continues. winter tillage is more than 70 000 hectares, steam is 82 000 hectares. About 40% of spring crops will be distributed on winter tillages and steam in 2004.

12 Septembe
  “Ladyzhenka” Ltd. Is the first who finished harvesting works of harvest 2003. The croppage is 23 000 tons. Our congratulations for workers of this company!

11 September
  Export shipment of harvest 2003 grain is started.
Glad to see old and meet new partners in the grain market!

30 August
  Dear Kazakhstan Citizens! Let us congratulate you with the Constitution Day! We wish you happiness, good health, prosperity, and success in both your private life and carrier!

22 August
  Harvesting begins.

  Shipment of bread wheat and barley of harvest 2002 is completed successfully. Thanks our partners for mutually beneficial cooperation!

  This year we sow timely winter wheat in 300 hectares of forest-steppe zone for the first time.

  Provision of perennial and annual plants is finished.

  We are welcome participants of the Republic Workshop on Grain Quality Assessment New Technologies Application which held by “Zher-Ana” Ltd.

  Preparatory works for acceptance of the harvest 2003 grain begin in grain-accepting centers, grain elevators and mills.

  Cooperation with grain producers from Russia and Ukraine successfully continues. Bread grain exported in July estimates 33 000 tons.

  Ice-cream market of Akmolinskaya Oblast is widened by two new sorts “Magic Cup – Ice-Cream” and “Magic Cup – Plombir” produced by “Agrocenter-Astana” Ltd. Our warm congratulations and wishes for success to “Birlik -1” Ltd. We are sure customers will estimate your products at true worth.

  The hay harvest of perennial and annual plants begins in the fields.

  The mechanical and chemical treatment of steam fields is continuing. Chemical treatment is made on the area of 26 000 hectares. More than 56 000 hectares of steam is treated mechanically.

  The chemical weeding of the crops and chemical treatment of lying fallow has begun.

  Grain-crops have been sowed on the total area of 373600 hectares.

  Sowing of the hard wheat, “Omskaya-Yantarnaya” grade, has been recommenced.

10 June
  Today Astana is celebrating the sixth anniversary from the day it was declared the capital of the republic. We congratulate the people of the city on their holiday!

  The sowing campaign has begun on the fields of agricultural units of the LLP “Agrocenter-Astana”.

March, 22
  We congratulate everybody on Nauryz holiday!!! We wish you happiness, love an prosperity.

March, 8
  We congratulate Dear Ladies on their holiday!!! We wish them love, happiness, smiles and the best spring mood!!!

  «Birlic-1» has launched the ice-cream-making line. The total capacity is 4500 portions per hour.

  «Birlik-1» has received ice-cream-making equipment of Italian origin.

  The bather has been installed at the mill complex. The production of soft first-grade and second-grade wheat flour, enriched with «KAP Komplex #1» (the comlex of vitamins B1, B2, B3, Bc and Fe, Zn microelements) has been mastered.