«Agrocenter-Astana» Limited Partnership is one of the biggest grain companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main activities of Agrocenter-Astana agricultural and industrial company are production, processing and realization of agricultural products.

The Partnership was founded in 1997 by way of investing private capital into the agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  Today the Limited Partnership «Agrocenter-Astana» is:

27 big agricultural companies of Akmola and North Kazakhstan oblasts. The total area of agricultural arable land is more than 700 thousand hectares, more than 400 thousand of which is sowed with grain crops.

five linear grain elevators and three bakery products receiving posts with the total grain storage capacity 762 tons, including linear elevators 630 thousand tons, where the processing of grain into flower is organized on 4 mills with the total capacity of 450 tons in twenty four hours.

Four bakery plants. Bakery-confectionary combine and Kapchagay bakery are organized on their bases. The amount of the issued production is over 80 tons of bakery products, confectionary and over 200 names of ecologically clean products in assortment in twenty four hours.

Two oil bases with the total capacity of 35000 tons of clear and 5000 tons of dark oil products, with a net of fuelling stations.

three motor transport enterprises with the total park with over 150 supersize automobiles.

grain combine and other machinery maintenance center together with «Krasnoyarsk combine plant industrial association» Private Company. Activities: machines delivery and removal from a guarantee account, preparation before sale, technical maintenance, guarantee repair, the firm service in post-guarantee period.

retail and small wholesale foodstuff and household chemical goods. Network of shops.

Base in Astana: Building materials procurement, storage and realization. Store premises lease.

Full-cream milk accepting and processing dairy complex. Dairy produce, soured milk products and ice-cream issue.

«Food plant Limited Partnership» processing livestock raw materials into food, technical, pharmacological and feed products. The total capacity from 5 tj 12 thousand tons per year.

«Agrocenter-Avia AK» having in its disposal a park of AN-2 aircrafts and is oriented towards carrying out aviation chemical works against weeds, pests and ilnesses of grain crops.